The project FISH_FISH is a circular economy project developing a no-gender, ethical, high top sneakers made of biodegradable, bio-based and recovered materials. All the materials are certified and meet the demanding European standards.

The project is developed in a sustainable supply chain decreasing environmental footprint and creating a positive social impact. The inclusion of a community of disabled persons is an indispensable part of this project.

Fish skins, as a recovered material, are coming from small scale sustainable fishery in the Adriatic sea, as a waste material of the food industry /naturally tanned and dyed/.

This high-quality product is eco-designed and produced in a local infrastructure /Spanish region of Alicante, the cradle of footwear/ with a valuable heritage and tradition of craftsmanship. Our factory is using 85% of solar energy along with the efficient use of water and offers a respectful and secure work environment.

We aim to increase the awareness of the viability of using eco-friendly materials but also we emphasize the immense responsibility of designers and companies in the footwear industry and their global impact.

FISH_FISH is the result of a WORTH project and it is developed with EU support.