Master of Arts in her native Czech Republic and Degree in Fashion Design at Istituto Europeo di Design in Madrid. Courses in Fashion Communication at University of Carlos III Madrid and Digital Printing course at Central Saint Martins in London.

The passion for art and later for fashion was always present in her life. As a child she drew with both hands at the same time. In the adolescent age she began to discover the Muscovite Burdas in her grandmother’s tailor shop. Kralova´s first garments were made at Bachelor of Fashion in Prague.

Her career began in Spain, Madrid. CORTEFIEL, Designer of the Shoes & Bags, PEPE JEANS, Designer of Swimwear and Bags, Freelance Designer for outdoor & fitness sportswear brands.

She launched her own brand KRALOVA, with online and offline retail. Showcasing her collections during MERCEDES BENZ PRAGUE FASHION WEEK. Finalist of National Award of the Czech Republic, TOP STYL DESIGNER, Styl KABO Brno Brilliance Fashion Talent in Slovakia, Special prize for innovation in Contest of Emergent Designers in Madrid.

She joined IED Madrid as a teacher of Fashion Illustration, Design programs and intensive courses.

The winning of TELEKOM DEUTSCHE Fashion Fusion award in Berlin opened her the world of fashion technology, developing fabrics of the future: smart fabrics. Collaborating with AITEX Technology Institute and CHEMNITZ Institute to certify them.

In 2018 she moved to Alicante and founded KRALOVA Studio, workspace featuring avant-garde fashion, innovation and ethical processes, willing to produce collaborative ways in multidisciplinary fields of art and technology.

Winner of  WORTH Partnership Project in 2019, with circular economy project developing sustainable footwear made of biodegradable, bio-based and recycled materials.

Nowadays, designing and producing for clients in a field of footwear and handbags. We produce in local sustainable chain /Elche and Petrer/.


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