The project FISH_FISH is a circular economy project developing a no-gender, ethical, high top sneakers made of biodegradable, bio-based and recovered materials. All the materials are certified and meet the demanding European standards.

Fish skins, as a recovered material, are coming from small scale sustainable fishery in the Adriatic sea, as a waste material of the food industry /naturally tanned and dyed/.

This high-quality product is eco-designed and produced in a local infrastructure /Spanish region of Alicante, the cradle of footwear/ with a valuable heritage and tradition of craftsmanship. Our factory is using 85% of solar energy along with the efficient use of water and offers a respectful and secure work environment.

FISH_FISH is the result of a WORTH project and it is developed with EU support.


Sustainable knitwear

Innovative recycled yarn Knit Life.

The capsule collection of essential knitwear made of RECYCLED polyester yarn from PLASTIC BOTTLES coming from the sea and organic cotton.

Produced locally in Spain.



From 2D to 3D | versatile garments |  textile pieces

These works are a technological integration within the fashion context. Incorporates customizable elements based on minimal designs.

Technologies such as 3D printing and LASER CUTTING allow to delocalise and configure production. 

All this with less waste of material and low carbon footprint as the file of the GARMENT can be send through email.


This project is extended artwork of 3D cutted textile pieces, made seamlessed and manifested by gravity.

The concept explores the FORM, its behaviour and traces in particular environments.

Born in a sustainable production supply chain.

Materials: recycled PET bottles & recovered materials from construction industry